What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation

Business tools and applications are growing at a fast rate, and it is becoming more difficult to capture and interpret all the disparate data streams. While a digital system may not be hard to manage on an individual basis, technological growth has forced organizations to confront the issue of how to manage and direct multiple systems toward a unified business objective. Organizations are now turning to robotic process automation (RPA) as the preferred workflow automation tool.

RPAnow helps organizations implement an effective RPA program and assists with user adoption, one of the most crucial aspects of any software implementation. This is achieved by thorough and transparent communication around the RPA strategy (e.g. increased focus on value-added actives). IT is incorporated along with the end user, maximizing project success. RPAnow will work directly with the organization to successfully implement RPA programs and achieve strong ROI.

Why Choose us ?

These are some of the main reasons to choose RPAnow as Your Business Partner

Growth & Innovation

Growth is good – for you personally as well as for our company. RPAnow as a start-up offers you every opportunity to take care of your own career and expand your horizons.


We believe in clear communication and full transparency, so our customers are empowered to take ownership of their solution


By fully understanding and satisfying our customers’ technology needs, we are able to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship
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RPA Consulting

We determine the best RPA strategy based on your business needs, ensuring a positive impact on the organization

Proof of Concept

RPAnow’s Proof Of Concept (POC) will be an inexpensive way for you to see the capabilities and suitability of RPA in your organization. We will design and build relevant automations for selected components of your processes

RPA Implementation

RPAnow brings the best automation strategy for your organization and will implement that technology seamlessly in your business processes

RPA Management & Support

RPAnow will become your Centre of Excellence (CoE), with 24/7 support for all your business processes and automation

Infrastructure validation

We will assess your IT infrastructure, evaluating the suitability and readiness for integration of automation software

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