Benefits Of RPA

Productivity & Efficiency

Automate clerical work and focus on your creative mind

Efficient utilization of resources by manual steps reduction

Human workforce can be redeployed to more strategic, value-added activities to support your business growth

Significantly reduce time to perform tasks


Our robots are 100% accurate with processes and tasks

Built on existing infrastructure

Record every action in the process

Cost Savings

Automate manual work and reduce overhead costs

Improve cash flows through accurate financial processes

On average, a robot is a third of the cost of an FTE

Scalability and Reliability

Add, change, or expand automation processes as needed without incurring any downtime. Our robots work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Improve customer and employee satisfaction

RPAnow Adds Value

One stop-shop for digital transformation (Mobile, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotic Process Automation)

Low productivity areas that have little impact on a company’s overall performance and have stayed under the radar of previous automation initiatives

Areas that have low workforce scalability during peak times and which often leads to recruiting and training of temporary staff

Speeding up time-to-market of new products and services to compensate for lack of financial or IT resources

Bridging process gaps because of a shortage of modern system integration interfaces

Areas with high compliance risks where errors can’t occur


RPA Consulting

We determine the best RPA strategy based on your business needs, ensuring a positive impact on the organization

Proof of Concept

An inexpensive way for you to see the capabilities and suitability of RPA in your organization. We will design and build relevant automation processes that your organization requires

RPA Implementation

We will take care of implementing the best automation strategy for your organization and will seamlessly implement the technology

RPA Management & Support

Contact us anytime through our 24/7 support for all your business processes and automation

Infrastructure validation

If you are not sure what kind of implementation you need, we will assess your IT infrastructure, and evaluate the suitability and readiness for integration of the automation software

Why Work With Us?

Our software takes care of the manual work, you take care of growing the organization and your career

We dedicate to providing you with clear communication and full transparency

By understanding your needs, we can achieve a mutually beneficial relationship

Over 100 years of total blended experience in Business & IT

Global and diverse footprint

Minimize implementation time and cost

Custom integrated solutions to bridge with existing ecosystem

Experience in detailed audit and streamlining of Business & IT processes

Why UiPath

UiPath is a leader in shared services and ease of bot design, and is one of the fastest growing RPA vendors

Easily handles attended robots developed by employees as well as unattended robots that can handle large-scale processing

Customers noted its deployment flexibility

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