Phases 0 – Pre-Engagement


RPA Awareness

We will educate our clients, share demos, show the benefits, identify and mitigate risks, advise on RPA vendors and on PoC process selection, and develop proposal for PoC/Pilot/Operating Model

Phases 1 – Successful Pilot


Proof of Concept

 Install platform, select 2-3 processes based on selection criteria, document and re-design processes, automate processes, share automation, create and socialize automation video


Pilot (Production)

Define initial RPA strategy, address compliance, design architecture and set up infrastructure, install platform, select 2-3 processes, document and re-design processes as needed, create design document, automate processes, perform testing, set up baseline, go live, evaluate impact, provide hyper-care, support change management if needed

Phases 2 – Rollout Preparation


RPA Opportunity Assessment

Refine RPA strategy, conduct end-to-end process evaluation/scan, select key process areas, conduct interviews with process stakeholders, collect key data, conduct detailed process assessment, develop business case, develop high level roadmap, conduct detailed vendor analysis and selection if needed


Automation Operating Model Design

Review existing automation operating model

define future automation operating model (e.g. Operating Model centralized, decentralized, federated), design automation operating model (e.g. demand process, governance, delivery model, KPIs, workforce management, change management, QA, RPA & enabling technologies infrastructure), provide support with communication launch if needed, support hiring, establish COE

Phases 3 – Rollout 


Automation Operating Model Implementation

Implement governance and compliance, build infrastructure and address security train COE resources, manage RPA process pipeline, automate processes based on prioritization, track and manage metrics and KPIs, manage virtual and human workforce, update COE processes, document lessons learned and case studies


Sustainability & Continuous Improvement

Monitor for performance, virtual workforce & issue mgmt., dsupport for issue and technical support, scale down program to BAU, continue to track and realize benefits, continue to work with stakeholders to identify incremental automation opportunities, offer RPA-as-a-Service or Bot Farm, continue to review and improve delivery capabilities and COE

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